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Database Update on May 23, 2024

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Finding Court and Police Records in St. Petersburg, FL Finding Court and Police Records in St. Petersburg, FL How and where to search for St. Petersburg arrest records & warrants, FL. The best background check options & tools offered by the city & by Pinellas County.
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The Easiest Way for Finding Court and Police Records in St. Petersburg, FL

There are many legitimate reasons today for trying to lookup criminal records issued against people of interest to you. Whatever the reasoning behind the search, the methods remain fairly simple and straightforward.  Although some information is restricted to local police, there is quite a lot of data you can access provided that you know how and where to look for it.  In this article, we’ll discuss three different search levels.

Finding St. Petersburg Records

Because most of the crimes are prosecuted on the county level as opposed to the city level, you will probably not find much by searching for records within the city.  However, the city police and county sheriff typically use the same local jail facility. In order to find St. Petersburg arrest records, you can either call the local jail’s administrative office at 727-464-6415 or you can check the jail online database maintained by the Sheriff (

Finding Pinellas County Arrest Records and Warrants

The county level will likely provide more results than the city.  The Sheriff Office is the best place to look for information on Pinellas County arrest records and warrants. For a warrant search, you should call the Law Enforcement Division at 727-582-6192 and ask if the one you are inquiring about appears on their wanted persons list.

For an arrest seach, use the jail online database mentioned above. You will need to provide a person's name. You can filter your inquiey by adding patameters such as race, gender, docket number, bookind date, arresting agency, arrest type and charge. The electronic files which will be revealed to you include the detainee's personal setails, docket number, booking date, arresting agency, release date , offense type (misdemesanor or felony), charges and bond.

The final inquiry you can conduct at the county level is to retrieve Pinellas County court records.  The office in charge of keeping track of these dockets is the Circuit Clerk of Court.  They also have an online search ( open for free public use. Some databases will require you to sign up.

Finding Statewide Florida Records

Finally, there are additional online resources enabling you to trace Florida criminal records. If you want to conduct a background check for the purpose of tracking a person's incarceration history, the FDLA maintains a computerized data bank ( cataloguing Florida arrest records. It requires a $24 fee to run the search after you register. The FDLA also operates a crime information center where you can trace Florida warrants online. 

A final search option you may want to check before concluding your inquiries is the Florida Sex Offender Registry (which can be accessed at This database should tell you whether the subject of your inquiry is a sex offender or predator - highly essential information for keeping your family safe.