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Database Update on July 23, 2024

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Clerk of Courts Clerk of Courts Within the state of Florida, the clerk of courts is available to assist the general public in finding specific information about court cases and in
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Florida Clerk of Courts

Within the state of Florida, the clerk of courts is available to assist the general public in finding specific information about court cases and in accessing court records, as well as certain Florida criminal records.  In order to take advantage of these services, there are a number of methods to reach their offices. Most Florida clerk of courts offices are responsible for the records in their local county. The simplest way to locate the local office is to visit the official website which includes a straightforward office locator by county.  You can find that website here:  It is important to be sure you have the correct jurisdiction for the records or information you are looking for, because each county will only have records pertinent to its own area of jurisdiction.  From that basic starting page, you can then select your county and you should be able to find a link to its homepage (if one exists) and find further information there.

Searching for court cases

When looking for help in conducting a court case search it can be helpful to know what types of cases are public record and which cases are not.  For instance, juvenile criminal records are typically sealed, but traffic tickets, misdemeanors, and felony cases are typically part of the public court file.  While you may not be able to gain access to the entire file, it will most likely be possible to gain the bare details of each case. If the county in question has a website database, you may be able to run your search using their interface.  However, if they do not, their office hours and contact information should be easily obtained from their homepage.  Their staff should be able to assist you with your inquiries.

Broward County case search

Suppose for a moment that the county you wanted to conduct your search in was Broward County.  For its records you would want to look for the Broward County clerk of courts.  For the sake of example, you could visit their homepage at  Once on their homepage, you would click the link along the left-hand side of the page labeled “Public Search” and select Felony, Traffic & Misdemeanor Case Records.  From there it’s a simple process of entering the subject’s last and first names and clicking “submit” to begin your search. If there are multiple results for your inquiry, you can click on each of them individually to inspect the details provided.  If you desire more details than what you find, you can pay a fee to register for an account and have access to more information.

Conducting an offline search

On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with using an online searchable database and prefer to contact their physical office for help with your Broward County arrest search, you can find their office’s contact information on the link along the left-hand side that is labeled “Contact Us.”  It lists their telephone number (954) 831-6565, as well as their mailing addresses for traffic related inquiries and an address for all other related inquiries.