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Database Update on June 13, 2024

Florida Arrest Records and Warrants Search
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Seminole County Clerk of Court Seminole County Clerk of Court Do you need to run a background check? Discover how the Seminole County Clerk of Court can assist you in getting criminal court records. Databases you can use.
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Trace Criminal Court Records by Utilizing the Resources Offered by the Seminole County Clerk of Court

In Florida, as well as in other US states, the county Clerk of Court maintains official dockets released by the court. These docket are very useful for people who are interested in conducting a background check as they unfold a person's convictions and criminal records carrying his or her name. In the following article, we intend to explain how to find these records by utilizing the resources put at your disposal by the Seminole County Clerk of Court.

Running an Online Case Search

To get your hands of copies of Seminole County court records, civil and criminal, navigate to the Clerk's website ( You will see there a link to Search Records. Press on it and you will be directed to a page containing a search tools for civil and criminal cases. The criminal search tool contains all levels of offenses: traffic, infractions, misdemeanors and felonies. Both tools require filling out parameters, such as a person's name, case number, DOB and date. For further questions, you can contact the Records Custodian at 407-665-6694.

Using the Sheriff Office for Obtaining Public Records

Seminole County Clerk of Court is not the only governmental body which stores official legal documents. The Sheriff Office has a special center ( where you can submit an online public records request. You will need to open an account providing your name, email and address. This tool doesn't contain all types of record but you can use it to find accidents reports, uniform crime reports, Insurance requests, calls of service and incidents reports.

Expanding Your Background Check to Include Arrest Records

To find out if a person has ever been taken into custody without being convicted of a crime, you will be required to garner information on Seminole County arrest records. That can be done by referring to the inmate locator on the Sheriff's website ( You will be asked to insert either the detainee's name or DOB. Results include details, such as booking date, charges and a mugshot.