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Locating Detainee in Polk County Jail

Database Update on May 23, 2024

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Polk County Jail Polk County Jail Get instructions for carrying out an arrest search in Polk County jail and in all of Florida's prisons. Find out whether person you know has an arrest history?
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Polk County Jail - Locating Inmates

Polk County jail includes two main complexes, Central County Jail and South County Jail. The county's average daily population of detainees is 2,346 (Which is 0.62% of the state's average daily inmate population). Rate of incarceration is 3,202.8 per 100,000 people (2020 statistics). 

Conducting a Polk County Arrest Search

To find a detainee in the county's correctional facilities, we suggest first of all conducting an inmate lookup using the jail information page on the sheriff's website. It contains three available search options based on the arrestee's name, booking date or alias. The information that will be shown to you will include details, such as the detainee's name, booking number, physical description, age, booking date, date of release, criminal mugshot and the offenses for which he was incarcerated. Some of the files go back to the 1990s (You have the option to narrow your search to current inmates).

It is also possible to trace Polk County arrest records by contacting the specific jail where you believe the person you are searching has been held. For more details on these facilities, including their phone numbers, read the lines below.

Undertaking a Broader Florida Inmate Search

There are two useful tools you can use for an arrest search all over the state. The first is the CCHInet operated by the FDLE ( This databank lets you trace a person's criminal history including all the instances in which he/she was incarcerated. It covers all of Florida County Jails and Sheriff Offices. Take into consideration that each name being inquired includes a $24.00 fee.

The second tool is the offender search maintained by the state's Department of Corrections ( Utilizing this tool, you can find current inmates in FL prisons. You can also look for released inmates, supervised population and even inmates who have managed to escape. You will not need to pay for your inquiries.

Lastly, we strongly advise not to overlook Polk county court records in your inquiry. They are crucial for carrying out a background check, as they reveal a person's history of convictions. To obtain these official files, you should contact the clerk of courts. Their phone number is 863-534-4000. They are located at 255 N. Broadway Ave. Bartow, FL 33830. You might need to file a formal request to view public records.

In addition you can run an online search for public records using the the search tool on the Clerk's website ( These records also include criminal cases.

Central County Jail

This detention facility was built in 1985 and expanded in 1988. It can contain up to 800 detainees. The inmate population consists of adult males and females, pre-adjudicated and direct filed juveniles. The jail offers a variety of educational and rehabilitation programs meant to decrease recidivism rates. Physical location: 2390 Bob Phillips Rd. Bartow, FL 33830. Phone no. 863-534-6123.

South County Jail

South County Jail was opened in 2000. Initially it was meant to house up to 1,000 detainees but was expanded 10 years later to enable it to house 1,776 detainees that consist of males only. Some of them are inmate workers. The jail also provides educational programs to prepare inmates for a normative life-style upon release. Physical location: 1103 US Hwy 98 West, Frostproof, FL 33843. Phone no. 863-635-6920.