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Database Update on June 29, 2022

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Criminal Records Criminal Records Many times people are easily confused and don’t understand the difference between criminal and arrest records.  This article is largely concerned wi
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Criminal Records Search in Florida

Many times people are easily confused and don’t understand the difference between criminal and arrest records.  This article is largely concerned with explaining the difference between those two things and helping you learn how to find criminal records for yourself.  Florida criminal records are usually accessible to the public by reaching out to the local clerk in the county where the case was prosecuted.  However, Florida arrest records are more specifically tied to actual periods of incarceration in local jails.  Because of this, that information is more likely to be found by contacting local sheriff departments or the booking division of their jails.

Florida Criminal Records Search

Now that we’ve established the difference between running a Florida arrest search and a criminal record check, we’ll give you some additional resources to help find the information you’re looking for.  The fastest way to find some types of information may be to do online searches.  One website to start with is the State of Florida Clerk of Courts directory, which you can reach by clicking here.

Finding Miami Dade Criminal Records

To get more specific, we’ll use the example of Miami Dade County criminal records.  In order to find information from this county we could go one of two directions.  We can either attempt an online search through the local clerk database by clicking here, or we can use more traditional means by contacting their physical office location and request help from the office personnel.  The telephone number for the Criminal Court Office of the Clerk’s Office is (305) 275-1155.  Once connected you should be able to obtain help in receiving the information you’re looking for if it is available to the general public. Keep in mind that the county also enables you to find other types of files quite easily and conveniently. For instance, you can file a request via the sheriff office to view Miami Dade arrest records. In addition, the sheriff's website contains a Crime Information Center you can use to run an online warrant search.

Not All the Clerks are the Same

Generally speaking, there may be fees or registration required in order to access some files and certain jurisdictions are more tech savvy than others.  Not every clerk’s office maintains an online database, and some charge a small fee for each record returned.  Others may be hesitant to turn over information to the general public and may request additional time to decide what information is public record and what is confidential in that local jurisdiction.  Please be patient with the clerks who are assisting you in your search. In the case of Miami Dade, it is such a notable county that it is likely that they will have received similar requests in the past and will be able to assist with whatever questions you have for them.  Also, thankfully their criminal database is free to access online with the link provided above.