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Database Update on July 23, 2024

Florida Arrest Records and Warrants Search
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FAQ's FAQ's This website is meant to display public records that include criminal records and civil records with the aim of enabling our users to under
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What is the purpose of this website?

This website is meant to display public records that include criminal records and civil records with the aim of enabling our users to undertake a full background check on any person that resides in Florida and the entire United States. Use the search form on every page of this site to start your search.

Why would anyone want to conduct a background check?

There are many instances in which you may be required to check the background of a person with whom you engage on a daily basis. It can be your kids’ nanny, one of your employees or someone you are dating. It is better be safe than sorry.

Where does this website derive its information from?

We obtain our data from thousands of sources, private and public. The data is reliable and it will appear quickly and efficiently on your screen.

Is the data accurate?

We do our best to provide you with reliable and accurate data. The great number of sources from which this website derives its information makes sure the data is cross referenced, checked and rechecked multiple times to achieve maximum accuracy. We are not affiliated with the sources of information and exercise no control on the process of accumulating the relevant data.

What kind of criminal information does the search show?

The criminal records you will get are very comprehensive and they may include the following:
  • Background records – addresses, phone numbers, and relatives.
  • Criminal records (state and federal records) – offenses and arrests, charges, case search results, sentences, and convictions.
  • Sex offenders and predators – a person’s history of sex offenses, his / her known address, charges and convictions
  • Full warrant search – outstanding and bench warrants issued against a person. The search will show the warrant number and information on the offense that led to the issuing of the warrant.
  • Arrest records – a person’s history of arrests and related arrest information (date of arrest and release, place of arrest and a description of the offense).
  • Court records – case number, convictions in court and other related court dockets.

Which types of civil records will be presented?

You will also be able to see a detailed list of civil records that includes federal civil records: email query, business data, Bankruptcy records, property records, Marriage/Divorce Records, birth/death records and more.

What other types of records will be displayed?

The search service also includes business search with reports on companies’ background, court rulings, UCC filing, etc.

Which information will not be revealed?

Search results do not include what is considered to be sensitive and personal data, e.g. credit card details, account numbers and passwords and social security numbers.

What about the website’s privacy policy?

To learn more about privacy issues, visit the website’s privacy policy page.

Is the search process confidential?

Absolutely! The person whom you are searching has no way of knowing about your search. We do not share information with any other third party (private or governmental) regarding your searches.

How can we be contacted?

Use the contact us page if any problem arises, if you encounter login problems, if you have questions regarding billing or your account, if you receive an error message, if you have any other comment or if you seek further clarification regarding the website’s search tool. A customer service representative will get back to you shortly. Alternatively, you can telephone everify at: 800-791-1427