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There are cases in which you have no choice but to find a lawyer to get you out of trouble. For example, a simple florida warrant search has revealed that there is an arrest order carrying your name on it. The best course of action will be to turn yourself in, otherwise you may be incarcerated the moment you are located by the police (that can happen at work, in your home, when spending time with friends or even during a routine license check). You will need to be accompanied by a criminal lawyer to make sure your legal rights are not violated and to arrange for bail. Generally speaking, when your freedom is at stake, it is time to seek legal help.

Types of lawyers and types of offenses

There are many types of offenses and each type requires a specialized criminal attorney that will be able to give you the best legal counseling relevant to the case in question. In Florida and in the rest of the United States, criminal activity is divided into two broad categories, Misdemeanor and felony offenses. Misdemeanors are lesser crimes punishable by less than one year in the county jail. These crimes include, for instance, prostitution or petty thefts. Felonies, on the other hand, are much more severe crimes punishable by long prison term and even capital punishment. Felony crimes usually include murder, rape, burglary, drug trafficking, abusing children and money laundering. We highly advise seeking a legal representative who specializes in specific misdemeanor or felony cases, for instance a DUI arraignment lawyer in case you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. Criminal lawyers are experts in reading the statutes and understanding what constitutes a crime and what is not. They can locate loopholes in the law and exploit them to your own advantage, thus minimizing the effect of your crime and its legal consequences. Let's take for example Florida Statue of Limitation. It states that after a certain period of time (depending on the offense) a person cannot be sued for committing a crime. The main reason for this is to make sure that a conviction in court will be based on evidence that has not lost validity with time. Every defense attorney in Florida will be able to tell you that the status of limitation does not apply to capital or life felony. First and second degree felonies can be sued no later than 5 years from the moment they were committed. To get this kind of information, you ought to have a professional legal aid. Summary: Cases that require legal counseling Some cases necessitate legal help more than others:

  • An arrest warrant has been issued against you.
  • You have been taken into custody and the authorities are planning to file criminal charges against you.
  • You are interested in expunging a criminal record.
  • You have been involved in a road accident that includes casualties and/or property damage.
  • Civil cases such as a change in family status (e.g. divorce, adoption)
  • You are facing serious financial problems such as a bankruptcy.