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Database Update on March 26, 2023

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Alachua County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Alachua County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Learn how to perform an Alachua County arrest records and warrant search, FL. Use this website's background check tool to get criminal history reports.
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Alachua County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

In 2013, approximately 248,000 people lived in Alachua County, FL. Although violent rate was 7% lower than the year before, it was still relatively high – 576.6. The county residents had to put up with 1,430 violent crimes including 9 murders, 162 forcible sex offenses, 236 robbery cases and more than 1,000 aggravated assaults. Moreover, almost 6,000 larceny events were reported to the sheriff office. In face of theses concerning statistics, there is no wonder why you might be interested in carrying out an Alachua County warrant search. It is a matter of personal security for you and your family to know the people you are engaged with on a daily basis have a clean record.

How can you obtain warrant information?

The 'most wanted' tab on the sheriff's website will show you persons against whom warrants were issued. The list is divided into featured warrants, felony warrants and misdemeanor warrants. It includes the suspect's photo and details such as his / her date of birth and the type of offense of which he / she is accused. For a more elaborate outstanding warrants search, you should refer to the Crime Information Center managed by Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLA). Their extensive data base encompasses the whole state.

How can you inquire about a person's arrest history?

The sheriff's website has an arrest search tool which will allow you to look for persons that are presently held in the county jail. It also contains information such as an explanation on how to reach Alachua County jail and inmate visitation rules. To access this information, click on the 'department of the jail' tab on the website. For wider Alachua County arrest records search, turn to the criminal history information page maintained by the FDLA. They will charge you 24 dollars per search. Finally, to obtain precise data on the county's arrest records and outstanding arrest warrants, refer to the search box displayed here. Results will be presented almost instantly and your search will be private and confidential.

 Tips for finding court records

To acquire court records and additional information on court processes, visit the Criminal Justice Center at 220 South Main Street, Gainesville, Florida, 32601. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8:15 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. You can also use the electronic search tool provided by Alachua County clerk of courts website.