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Database Update on December 03, 2022

Florida Arrest Records and Warrants Search
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Brevard County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Brevard County Arrest Records and Warrant Search How to perform a Brevard County arrest records and warrant search, FL. Use this website's search tool for a background check on people that matter to you.
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Brevard County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

A Brevard County warrant search will help you discover whether you or someone you know has a criminal history. An active arrest warrant does not necessarily point to a person's guilt, but it definitely means that he or she has some unresolved issues with the law. And it is surely a warning sign if, for example, you want to hire a person as an employee or a nanny for your young children.

Looking for arrest warrants in Brevard County

Since it does not have an online search tool, the website of the county's sheriff office will refer those who look for information on Brevard County outstanding warrants to Florida Crime information Center. The Center's database contains details on warrants issued in Florida. If you still want to limit your search to the county level, you can pay a visit to the sheriff office and ask to go over their records. Their address is Brevard County Sheriff's Office, 700 Park Ave., Titusville FL 32780. Their website has a contact us page with all relevant e-mails and telephone numbers. Bear in mind that according to Florida law, every email you send to the sheriff department immediately becomes a part of FL public records.

The sheriff office assistance with an arrest search

For a Brevard County arrest records search you can use the arrest reports that are given on the sheriff office website (Press the "How do I" on the upper bar and you will get a menu of options that include an arrest search). The problem with these reports is that despite the accuracy and the abundant information they contain (date of arrest and release, the detainee's name and address, his / her physical description and a description of the offense that led to the arrest), they cover a period of no longer than a month. If you are interested in finding a person's older arrest history, you will have to visit the sheriff office and ask for access to older Brevard County arrest records. If you want to get a detailed criminal history report without leaving your home, you can choose the search form on this site. It will reveal a person criminal background including arrest records and outstanding warrants. The search is quick, precise and absolutely discreet.

Looking for Brevard County public records

The county's clerk of courts is your address for finding all sorts of public records including criminal and court records. They have a useful online search tool. All you have to do is to fill in details such as document type and date. Beginning date is January 1, 1981.

Crime stats and violent rate

With a relatively high violent rate of 526.8 and a little more than 25,000 arrests in the course of 2013, combating crime remains a top priority for the authorities. The data distributed by Florida Department of Law Enforcement reveals that last year there were 20 murders, 350 sex crimes, 470 robberies and almost 2,050 aggravated assaults.