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Broward County Arrest Records Search

Database Update on June 13, 2024

Florida Arrest Records and Warrants Search
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Broward County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Broward County Arrest Records and Warrant Search How to do a Broward County warrant search and how to find arrest records, FL. Use this website's background check tool to track a person's criminal history.
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Broward County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

If you want to carry out a Broward County warrant search, you should contact the Sheriff Office. Their phone number is 954-831-8901. You might also want to pay them a visit to delve into their archives. Their address is Broward Sheriff's Office, 2601 W. Broward Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312. Take into account that if there is an outstanding warrant on your name, your visit might end up with your arrest!

Much like anywhere else in Florida, Broward County warrants, onced issued, remain valid indefinitely until served and the suspect is taken into cdustody. It practically means that if there is an arrest order with your name on it, you can be apprehended at any given moment. So to avoid unwanted surprises, you should check whether you are wanted by the police.

Finding Arrest Records in Broward County

Those who are interested in finding information on people incarcerated in the county should also refer to the Sheriff Office. Their website enables to conduct an online Broward County arrest records search (

The problem with this service is that it includes only those who are currently in jail. It does not show past records. So to complete your arrest search, you can turn to Broward County Clerk of Court. They have an online public case search ( through which you can access criminal court records dealing with felony, traffic and misdemeanor cases. These records are important because they present a person's convictions and resulting jail or prison sentences, so they can shed light on the incarceration history of people that matter to you.

Carrying out a More Comprehensive Florida Inmate Lookup

A Broward County arrest search can show you local results only. To garner information of people who have been incarcerated in other FL counties, we suggest referring to the FDLE Criminal History Information on the Internet (CCHInet) accessible at at You can search this tool based on a person's name. But first you will have to sign up an then pay $25.00 per inquiry.

A free arrest search tool is offerd by the FDC. They maintain a database ( which presents inmates held in correctional facilities all over the sate. It also shows released inmates, supervised population and absconders. All you have to do is provide a name or a DC number.

Running a Statewide Free Warrant Search

For a wanted persons search, you can use the public access system that is operated by FDLE Crime Center Information. This extensive database lets you inquire about outstanding warrants issued in all of Florida. Each electronic file which will be presented to you will include the suspect's name, nicknames, aliases personal details and physical attributes. You will also be given information about the offense committed, reporting agency, and warrant number and date.

How Can You Gain Access to Public Records?

In case you want to broaden your search to include Broward County public records, you are advised to access the county's Records Division ( This database will give you access to records on a variety of areas, such as court papers, family court files, death certificates, military discharge, mortgage, divorce, adoption and more.

Using This Website's Background Check Tool

Finally, if you are interested in saving the time and trouble looking through multiple sources, you may choose to use the search option on this page. It will enable you to perform a full criminal background check - including a Broward County warrant search and inmate lookup - on any person you want without leaving your home. All the personal details you will have to disclose (e.g. credit card number) will remain confidential and your inquiries will be kept anonymous beyond the reach of any official law enforcement authority. Service fees are highly affordable.

Broward County Crime Rates and Statistics

Based on crime statistics given by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, in the course of 2020, there were 149 murders, 592 forcible sex offenses, 1703 robberies and 4,578 aggravated assaults in the county. As to property crimes, there were 4,373 burglaries, 30,673 larceny cases and 4,977 motor vehicle thefts. Crime rate per 100,000 population was 2,434.8.