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Database Update on July 23, 2024

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Duval County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Duval County Arrest Records and Warrant Search How you can find Duval County arrest records and criminal court records, FL. Learn how to do a warrant search. Use this site's advanced background check tool .
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Easy Instructions for Finding Duval County Arrest Records and Performing a Warrant Search

With staggering crime rates, it is no wonder that you would be interested in finding Duval County arrest records and conducting a warrant search for the purpose of a background check on people that are involved in your life. According to ther Florida Department of Law Enforcement, in 2020 this county suffered from 143 murders, 477 rapes, 961 robberies, 5,074 aggrevated assaults, 4,021 burglaries, 20,655 larceny cases and 3,161 motor vehicle theft. The County's crime rates are, indeed, considered high with 3,508.1 offenses per 100,000 people.

Performing an Arrest Search

To find Duval County arrest records, refer to the online inmate search tool maintained by the Sheriff's Depaermrnt of Corrections (which can be accessed at By inserting a name, jail number or JSO ID, you'll get electronic files showing the detainee's personal details, incarceration date, sentence length, arresting agency, current status (wether the inmate is released or is still in jail), visitation rights and charge information.

For further questions, you can refer to the Correction Facility Information webpage ( On this page, you will be able to read about the different detention facilitiers in the county. Most important, you will see a telephone number for inmate information for each facility.

Running a Florida Arrest Search

Duval County arrest records cover only your local area. If you are interested in a wider FL inmate search, you should utilize the FDLE's online Criminal History services ( By signing up and paying a fee of $24.00 + $1.00 credit card fee per inquiry, you will be presented with a person's incarceration history all over the state.

Another useful tool is the web-based Corrections Offender Network ( operated by the FDC. It enables you to locate inmates who are currently populationg prisons in Florida. You also have the options to look for released inmates, supervised population and fugitives.

Searching for Duval County Warrants

To perform a Duval County warrant search, you should go to the Sheriff Office which is located at 501 E. Bay St., Jacksonville.  You can try to reach them by phone at 904-630-0500. Paying them a visit, you can inquire about wanted people and check if there is an outstanding warrant against a specific person. They are usually willing to share this information unless the relevant case is under an ongoing investigation, which requires secrecy, or in case minors are involved.

If you want to expand your reach and trace Florida outstanding warrants, the best you can do is visit to the FDLE online Crime Information Center( It enables you to find out if anyone you know is included in the state's wanted persons list. Its a free search which requires the subject's name only.

Gaining Access to Public Records

Duval County court records are important to your background check as they are created when a person is convicted in court and so can tell you whether he/she was sentenced to jail or prison as a result of that conviction. However, bear in mind that they do not cover arrest cases that ended up without conviction. In other words, a court records search can complement an arrest search but it cannot come instead of it.

We strongly recommend going to the CORE - the online portal of the Clerk of Court ( It will enable you to access dockets issued by the court related to civil and, more importantly, criminal cases. You will have to sign up to use this tool.

Using This Website's Background Check Tool

To save you time and energy, this website put at your disposal a name-based online inquiry tool which presents a person's full crimimal history in all of Florida as well as other US states. Each report you'll get covers Duval county arrest records and warrants as well as FL police records and criminal records. Results are taken from enormous public and private databases which are updated on a regular basis. All searches are fully anonymous. Service fees are low.