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Database Update on July 23, 2024

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Escambia County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Escambia County Arrest Records and Warrant Search How to carry out an Escambia County arrest records and warrant search, FL. Find out if people you know have a criminal history using this site's search tool.
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Escambia County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Like anywhere else across Florida, Escambia County arrest warrants are issued against people believed to have committed a crime. A judge must give his consent for a warrant to become active and he will be willing to do so provided that he is persuaded by the police that a probable cause for an arrest exists. In case an arrest has not been made, the warrant turns into an outstanding warrant which is, in fact, a pending arrest order that can be carried out once the suspect is located by the police. At any given moment there are hundreds of thousands of FL outstanding warrants waiting to be served.

How can you find all those outstanding arrest warrants?

To do an Escambia County warrant search, you had better get in touch with the sheriff office. Unfortunately, in contrast to other sheriff offices, it does not provide an online warrant lookup service, so you will have no choice but to physically arrive at the office and conduct an inquiry. Their address of is:

1700 West Leonard Street Pensacola, Florida 32501 Tel no. 850-43-9630

Be careful, if it turns out there is a warrant for your arrest, you might find yourself behind bars. A safer approach is to search in the electronic database of Florida Crime Information Center. This database covers the entire state, so by using it you expand your search beyond the borders of the county.

What you need to do to find Escambia County arrest records

To carry out an arrest search in Escambia County, you will again have to use a governmental service which is given by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. They offer a Criminal History Information page that contains criminal data for the entire state. This service costs 24 dollars. There is another option that will allow you to locate Escambia County arrest records as well as outstanding warrants. The search box above this article will reveal a person's full criminal history background in a matter of seconds with complete confidentiality. You can do the search easily from your home using your laptop or desktop computer.

Gaining access to Escambia County public records

Court records contain valuable information on criminal convictions. To find this information, it is advisable to visit the county's clerk of courts. Their address is 190 W. Government St.Pensacola, FL 32502. Their telephone number is 850-595-4310. Florida Statutes (chapter no. 286) makes most court records (and other public records) available to the public.

2013 crime data

Throughout 2013, police made more than 18,700 arrests in the county. Violent rate was extremely high and it reached 724 (in 2012 it was 815!). There were almost 2,200 violent crimes. The number of murders for that year is 26. There were also 269 forcible sex offences and almost 1,450 aggravated assaults. No doubt that something must be done to effectively combat crime in the county.