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Hillsborough County Arrest Records Search

Database Update on June 13, 2024

Florida Arrest Records and Warrants Search
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Search for Hillsborough County arrest records & warrants, FL Search for Hillsborough County arrest records & warrants, FL Learn how to search for Hillsborough County arrest records, FL. This website offers you an effective background check tool to view a person's criminal history.
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Finding Hillsborough County Arrest Records and Carrying out Warrant Search

Hillsborough County arrest records can tell you whether the person whose background you are checking has ever been incarcerated by the police. Accessing these records is not difficult but it requires time.

The first thing you should do is navigate to the Sheriff's website. This website has an electronic database which presents people who are currently in jail ( You can carry out an arrest search based on an inmate's name and add booking date, number, release date, race, gender, and date of birth. Results include offense description bond amount and a mugshot.

You can also submit an online request from the Sheriff's record Division to view public records detailing arrests. You'll have to sign up for this service. Alternatively, you can pay them a visit and ask for a record in person. Their address is 1900 East 9th Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605. For more questions, call 813-247-0960 or email to

Before we move on, it is important to note that Hillsborough County arrest records by themselves do not indicate that a person has been found of a crime.

Carrying out a Florida Arrest Search

To expand your inquiry, we advise using the Criminal History Service of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (found at It enables you to do a full online background check on any person you want in all of FL counties (including arrest history and prior convictions). You'll need to sign up, provide an email and credit card details. Each search will cost you $25.00.

There is another tool which will help you obtain Florida arrest records. The state's department of corrections has an online inmate search tool (found at: By typing an inmate's name (and, optionally, DC number), you'll be shown an electronic record detailing that inmate's personal details and physical description, initial receipt date and release date. Most importantly, the records include the facility populated by the inmate and his or her offense and sentence history. The tool also lets you look for releases, supervised population and absconders/fugitives.

Searching for court Records

Another way to trace Hillsborough County arrest records is to access criminal court dockets as these dockets shed light on a person prior convictions and jail sentences. To get these dockets, refer to website of the Clerk of Court. You'll find there a case search tool (found at allowing you to traces public records by name, number or date. Through the category field you can narrow your search to criminal records only.

You can also go to the Clerk's office and file a FOIA request in person (800 E Twiggs St, Tampa, FL 33602, Phone: 813-276-8100). For your information, the Florida Sunshine Law gives you and any other citizen the right to view almost all official governmental documents.

How to do a Hillsborough County Warrant Search

If a person has an outstanding warrant on his or her name, it means that person is suspected of committing a crime serious enough that justifies an arrest. To find Hillsborough County warrants for the purpose of a criminal history check, you should turn to the Sheriff as they're in charge of tracing and apprehending fugitives. On their website, you will find an electronic search tool ( which present wanted people. You'll need to insert a name or warrant number and you will get a list of suspects. Pressing on a suspect's name, you will be shown his or her personal and physical details, last known address, the court that issued the arrest order and criminal charges.

Acquiring Information on Florida Warrants

To search for outstanding warrants issued all over the state, go to the Florida Crime Information Center (found at They have a wanted person database which contains records delivered by law enforcement agencies from all of FL counties.

You just need to fill out a person's name (and additional parameters if you want to narrow your search). The results you will get include that person's name, age, gender, race, body description, last known address, occupation as well as warrant number and date and the offense which was committed.


As you can see, there are many background check you can use to trace Hillsborough County arrest records and warrants. Some cost money while others can be used free of charge. So find the time to check about the criminal history of the person that matters to you. This is the least you can do to keep yourself, your family and your business safe.