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Database Update on May 23, 2024

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Manatee County Arrest Records and Warrants Search Manatee County Arrest Records and Warrants Search Guidelines for a Manatee County arrest records and warrants search. Use this website's search tool to check the background of people that matter to you.
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Manatee County Arrest Records and Warrants Search

When the court issues a Manatee County arrest warrant against a person, it means that he is suspected of a crime. He is not necessarily guilty, but law enforcement agencies would like to have this person arrested in order to investigate whether he has really committed the crime. Warrants that are not executed are referred to as outstanding warrants, but make no mistake, a Manatee County outstanding warrant may end up in your detention as long as you are within the borders of the state of Florida. Even if you leave the state, you may still be apprehended and extradited provided that your crime is severe enough to justify the expenses included in bringing you to justice.

The most efficient ways to find arrest warrants and arrest records

For a Manatee county warrant search you can turn to the record department run by the sheriff office. They will assist you with the information you need. You have two available options. Best you can do is to visit them in person. Their address is:

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, Records Section. 600 301 Boulevard West, Suite 202. Bradenton, FL 34205

Their office is open to the public on week days from 8 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening.

You can also obtain the desired information by mail (using the address above). Whether you physically go their office or use the mail, the data you may extract from them will cost you money. Go here to find out about their rates. Alternatively, you can save precious time by doing an online search. Go to the search tool on this page. It will present you with a full criminal background check for the subject of your search including arrest warrants and arrest records. The service is confidential. Lastly, to conduct an arrest records search for Manatee County, we also suggest using the online service provided by Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Their database consists of criminal history information processed and delivered by police agencies across the state. The service costs 24 dollars per search. Be advised, by performing the search using their resources, you will have to fill in some personal details (during the payment phase).

Recovering Manatee County public records

The county's clerk of courts makes available an electronic search tool which gives the public access to Manatee County court records and dockets. Yet there are a few levels of access depending on the searcher. For example, lawyers and police officials enjoy greater access to the criminal database (including the right to view some of the juvenile records) in comparison to the general public. What is more, to delve into their electronic archives, you must officially subscribe to the service. To read more about their terms of use, go here.

Updated crime statistics

In the course of 2013, there were 17,313 arrests made in the county. The good news is that violent rate declined by 3.6% in comparison to the year before. The bad news is that it was still very high, 577.5. Accordingly, last year there were close to 2,000 violent crimes in the county which mainly consisted of 13 murders, 234 severe sex offenses, 385 robberies and 1,322 aggravated assaults.