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Database Update on May 23, 2024

Florida Arrest Records and Warrants Search
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Orange County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Orange County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Discover how to perform an Orange County arrest records and warrant search, FL. Utilize this site's search tool for a background check on any person you want.
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Orange County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Arrest warrants in Orange County, FL give law enforcement agencies the right to incarcerate a person for a crime they believe he/she has committed. The police must acquire the signature of a judge to issue a warrant, which will include the name of the wanted person and the kind of crime he/she was involved in.

If the police fail to make an arrest, the warrant becomes outstanding. Orange County outstanding warrants do not lose their validity. They still allow any law enforcement agent to arrest a person at any given moment. For this reason, it is highly recommend making sure your name or the name of someone you come in contact with on a daily basis (an employee, a nanny you have hired for your children or even a neighbor) does not appear in police records.

Basic Guidelines for a Warrant Search

The natural place for you to initiate an Orange County warrant search is the sheriff office. For a criminal background check on a person, you should refer your request to the Record Section. You have three options.

First, you can arrive at their office located at Orange County Sheriff's Department Records Division 2500 West Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32804. Their opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening. If you have further questions, you can contact the sheriff office at 407-254-7000.

Second, you can make an online public record request on the shriff's website at Take into consideration that your request will become public.

Third, if you want to maintain your anonymity, you may choose to send a detailed request on U.S. mail using self-addressed stamped envelope to Orange County Sheriff's Office, Records Section, P.O. Box 1440, Orlando, FL 32802-1440.

Carrying out a More Comprehensive Florida Warrant Search

You can carry out a much more comprehensive background check by turning to the Public Access System maintained by the FDLE ( You can use it to check if a person is wanted by the police not only in your county but all over the state.

Performing an Arrest Aearch

To conduct an Orange County arrest records search, you should refer to the county's Correction Department. Their website has an online inmate search tool ( which is updated on a regular basis every 30 minutes. In case you have any question, you can contact them via the telephone at 407-836-3400, send them an email to or pay them a visit at 3723 Vision Blvd., Orlando, FL 32839.

Finally, if you are looking for an easier and more convenient way to find Orange County arrest records and arrest warrants, you may opt for the search option on this webpage. It enables you to perform a quick, accurate and discreet criminal background check from your personal computer. All you need is the subject's name. The criminal history report you'll get encompassess the entire state of Florida as well as other U.S. states (if you wish to include them in your inquiry)

Where Can You Access Orange County Public Records?

The answer to this question is the county Clerk of Courts. They have an online court records search tool ( To initiate a search, you will need to provide some basic details, such as the subject's name, case number, citation number and date. This tool includes Criminal BC cases, felony cases and criminal traffic cases.

Orange County crime statistics

Based on data given by the Orlando Police Department and the FDLE, in 2020, the total number of arrests carried out in the county was 29,056. Crime rate was 2,804.4 per 100,000 population. There were 111 murders, 659 rapes, 1,438 robberies and 5,634 aggravated assaults. As to property crimes, the citizens of the county suffered from 4,240 burglaries, 24,253 larceny cases and 3,355 motor vehicle thefts.