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Database Update on May 23, 2024

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Polk County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Polk County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Guidelines for carrying out a Polk County arrest records and warrant search, FL. Use this website's background check tool to inquire about people around you.
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Inquire about a Person's Criminal History by Finding Polk County Arrest Records and Running a Warrant Search

Are you worried that your name or the name of someone you care for appears on a Polk County arrest warrants? If you do, it is advisable to carry out a warrant search to avoid unpleasant entanglements with the law.

Things you should know regarding a warrant search in Polk County

An active arrest warrant on your name means that you can be incarcerated by any police officer at all times no matter where you are. Even if the police did not get to you, you are still not off the hook. Your name will appear on an outstanding warrant, which will remains valid until expunged or sealed by the authorities. For that you will need a good lawyer who specializes in criminal law.

To carry out a Polk County warrant search, go to the sheriff's website. Contrary to other counties, it has an online lookup tool (

The records that will be presented to you may not be 100% accurate. So if you want to be positively sure that there are not any Polk County warrants issued against you, you will need to carry out a thorough inquiry by physically visiting the Sheriff Office. Their address is:

1891 Jim Keene BLVD.

Winter Haven, FL 33880-8010.

Phone no. is 863-298-6200.

Two Options for an Arrest Search

There are two practical options for carrying out a Polk County arrest records search. First, you can use the services of the Sheriff’s Office Records Management Bureau. They manage and store incident reports arriving from the sheriff office including information on arrests and inmate files. To obtain these legal documents, you will need to fill out a public request form and send it to them by email ( or by visiting them in person at 1891 Jim Keene Blvd, Winter Haven, Florida, 33880. For more details go to Be advised, you may be charged around $30.00 for a copy.

Second, you can obtain electronic copies of Polk County arrest records by referring to the jail inquiry tool on the Sherif's website ( You can also call the Automated Information System at 863-457-3738 or talk to a human representative at 863-292-3400.

How to Trace an Inmate in all FL Counties

For a wider Florida inmate search, refer the FDLE's CCHinet. You can use it to obtain information on a person's crimimnal history, including past arrests, all over the state. Each name you'll search will cost you $24.00

Moreover, you can use the free offender search offered by the FDC to locate current and past inmates (as well as supervised population) in the state's prisons.

Obtaining Polk County Public Records

Like any other FL counties, the Clerk of Courts of Polk County is where you need to go to find public records. Their case search ( will give you information on:

  • Traffic infractions
  • Felony and misdemeanor offenses (including case dispositions).
  • Civil Cases
  • County ordinances
  • Traffic infractions
  • Municipal ordinance

For your information, Polk County court records should be integral part of any background check as they present a person's criminal convictions and resulting jail/prison sentences.

Crime statistics for Polk County

Based on the crime data released by the FDLE, in 2021 Polk County suffered from 43 murders, 246 rapes, 176 robberies, 1,969 aggrevated assaults, 1,342 burglaries, 6,498 larceny cases and 928 motor vehicle thefts. The total number of arrests stood at 21,671 (3,102.9 per 100,000 population).

Using This Website's Search Tool

To save time, you can garner information about a person's criminal history using one comprehensive,reliable and updated database. The search tool you will find on this website enables you to inquire about an individual that mattres to you based on his/her name. Results include Polk County arrest records, warrants and court dockets as well as prison and criminal records issued in all of Florida. All searches are 100% anonymous and confidential. Service fees are highly affordable.