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Database Update on December 10, 2023

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Miami Police Department, Crime Rates & Background Check Miami Police Department, Crime Rates & Background Check Read about Miami Police Department & crime rates. Learn how to run a background check in Miami and how to trace Miami-Dade County arrest records & Warrants, FL.
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Miami Police Department and Crime Rates

Miami Police Department (also known as City of Miami Police or MPD) is responsible for enforcing the law, maintaining order and investigating crimes in the Municipal area of Miami (55.2 square mile and more than 470,000 residents). It consists of 1,300 full-time sworn officers and 400 civilian employees. 82 per cent of them are males; the remaining 18 per cent includes female officers. The MPD's personnel are multiracial. More than 50 percent are Hispanic, close to 30 per cent are Afro-Americans and the rest are White. MPD Officers cover the city's northern, central and the southern districts. Currently, Manuel A. Morales is the chief of police. He is aided by a Deputy Chief and an Assistance Chief. In 2021, around 600,000 911 emergency calls were made in the city. MPD's average response time was 5 minutes. This is considered one of the fastest in the United States.  

Crime Rates

Miami is considered safer than only 9% of the cities in the entire United States. This figure is indeed bad news for the residents who suffered from 16,100 crimes that were committed in the city in 2021. The number of violent crimes reached 2,707 and it included 47 murders, 211 forcible sex offenses, 555 robberies and 1,894 aggravated assaults. The total numbers of arrests made in the city was 11,096.

How to Carry out a Background Check in Miami

We advise doing a Miami warrant search by turning to the Record Custodian of the city Police Department and filing a record request to view data on fugitives, criminal cases and arrests made in the city. You can file an online request at the following URL:

You can also pay them a visit at 400 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33128 (phone: 305-603-6477). Once you're there, you can inquire whether a specific person is wanted for a crime or whether that person has ever been arrested.

Expanding Your Inquiry to Miami-Dade County

Alternatively, you can broaden your search and try to obtain information on Miami-Dade County arrest records and warrants. The county police has an online inquiry tool (found at It enables you to check if there is an outstanding warrant on a person of interest to you.

They also have an online center (found at: where you can file an electronic request to view attorney records and public records. To use this service, you'll be required to sign up.

Another valuable source for a background check is the Clerk of Court. Their website has an electronic search tool (found at enabling you to trace criminal court records (as well as other types of records). These records detail convictions in court and jail sentences, so they can shed light on a person's incarceration history.