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Database Update on July 23, 2024

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Florida Inmate Search Florida Inmate Search How to run a Florida inmate search. The databases you can use to trace an inmate in FL prisons & in county jails. The difference between prisons and jails.
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Florida Inmate Search

Whether it's a relative, a friend or just someone you know that has been incarcerated, there are numerous reasons why people might want to conduct a Florida inmate search. This article attempts to outline how to do so, and to provide a little background information on the Florida prison system.

How to Carry Out a Florida Inmate Search

Searching for inmates online is a lot easier than offline. Using the online inmate locator ( provided by the state of Florida Department of Corrections, you can get information on either current inmates, or recent inmate releases. The database is searchable by name, age, race, sex, and a number of other parameters.

The FDLE puts at your disposal a criminal history search tool (, which tracks arrests made in all of FL counties. To use this tool , you'll have to sign up and pay $25.00 per person being searched.

If the person you're looking for is not found in statewide databases, it's possible he or she is being held in a county jail.  These facilities are typically more transient, and therefore not as easily accessible via online search methods. A list of Florida county jails and their contact information can be found at

If you know the county where the person you're looking for is being held, you can use that particular county's online searchable database. For example, to conduct a Duval County arrest search, you should go to and fill out the appropriate fields to try and locate the inmate you're looking for.  Not all counties provide this, however; and if there is no online database, you will have to use the contact information provided in the list above.

What Distinguishes a Jail from a Prison?

Florida is no different from other states in that it operates jails for primarily short term sentences or those awaiting trial, while prison is reserved for sentences longer than 1 year.  An additional difference is that a jail is usually run by local law enforcement, while a state prison is managed by, as the name indicates, the state's government.  Finally, county jails will often run programs such as substance abuse education and vocational programs designed to avoid recidivism.  State prisons, on the other hand, usually only operate halfway houses or work release programs for inmates who are close to being released.

FL Inmates Statistics

A few facts to keep in mind about Florida prison system:

  • There are around 90,000 inmate in Florida prisons. This number has increased by 8% since 2019.
  • Florida occupies the third place in the USA in terms of the size of its inmate population.
  • Incarceration rate in Florida stands at 662 per 100,000 people. The national average is 537 per 100,000 people.
  • African-Americam adult males constitute around 50% of the state's total inmate population.
  • The average sentence length in FL correctional facilities is 5 years.
  • Incarceration cost (COIF) of one inmate stands at $24,500 per year on average.