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Seminole County Jail - Inmate Search Tips Seminole County Jail - Inmate Search Tips Some basic facts you should know about Seminole County Jail, FL. Explanations on how to carry out an inmate search in the county in all of Florida Prisons.
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Seminole County Jail - Instructions for Conducting an Inmate Lookup

Seminole County Jail, also known as the John E. Polk Correctional Facility, was built in 1961 and is located at 211 Eslinger Way, Sanford, FL 32773. Their telephone number is 407-665-1200.

The facility is designed to have a capacity of 1,000+ inmates and on average books 16,000 detainees per year. Its average daily population consists of 700-800 male and female inmates. The jail houses misdemeanor and pre-trial felony detainees, convicted felon inmates who are waiting to be transferred to a state correctional facility and those awaiting trial in a U.S. Federal Court.

To visit an inmate, you will need to schedule a specific day and hour. It can be done online on a special page on the Sheriff's website: You will need to sign up for this service. To become familiar with the inmate visitation rules and regulations, you should carefully read this official guide.

There are several rehabilitating options offered to the detained population including faith-based and educational programs, General Education Development, basic computer skills and substance abuse courses. These programs are offered to rehabilitate the detainees, to give them practical skills and to enhance their character development upon release.

Arrest Statistics

According to the FDLE annual crime report, in the year 2020, 8,252 arrests were made in Seminole County. 7,725 of the arrestees were adults and 527 were juveniles. Incarceration rate was 1,731 per 100,000 people.

How to Find an Inmate in Seminole County Jail

Searching for Seminole County arrest records is not only beneficial to family members or friends who need to know specific information about a person they care for, but is also a crucial part of conducting a criminal background check on an individual.

The County Jail website includes an arrest search tool ( which will allow you to find an inmate by his last name or date of birth. The data which will be revealed to you includes an inmate's photograph, booking number and date, arresting agency, the inmat's account balance, criminal charges description and information on where to post bond. 

Another way of obtaining information on a person's arrest history is tracing Seminole County court records as these dockets unfold that person's convictions resulting jail sentences. The Clerk of Court maintains an online criminal case search tool ( You can run your inquiry based on the subject's name, DoB, date and Clerk filing date. The court cases presented encompass felonies, misdemeanors, infractions and traffic violations.

Running a Statewide Inmate Lookup

You always have the option to broaden your search to include all Florida county jails and state's correctional facilities. What we recommend is referring to the Criminal History Search powered by the FDLE ( It shows a person's arrest records in all of FL counties. Be advised, each name you will inquire about will cost you $24.00.

Another tool is the FDC's online offender search. Through this databank you can locate an inmate in Florida prisons. You can also search for past inmates as you also will be shown releases and supervised population.